The author has made it clear that his intention in writing The Animals' Bible was not only to produce a book that would be of interest to people who study the Bible or are concerned about religious issues, but those who care about animals or work for them and with them. He also intended that sales of the book would directly aid organizations that, in his words: "...work tirelessly - and almost always with limited funds - to aid animals and promote their interests and concerns."

Therefore, and provided the purchase is done directly through the publisher, Thirteenth Level Media will donate $15.00 per-copy-sold to you provided you are the organization the purchaser indicates. For example, if the book owner states that he or she wants the donation to go to "Joe Smith's Animal Rescue" that is where it will be sent provided we can substantiate that this (hypothetical) organizations is legitimate and the funds will be used to benefit animals and not to help pay Joe's mortgage.

We believe that it is in the best interests of your organization to advise us that you wish to have such donations directed to you and can provide evidence that you are a legitimate animal welfare organization.

Organizations Currently Eligible Include

  • International Societies for the Protection or Welfare of Animals
  • Humane Societies Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Animal Rescue Organizations
  • Animal Sanctuaries
  • Specific Species (or Breed) Rescue Organizations
  • National, State, Provincial or Regional Animal Societies
  • Animal Welfare Organizations
  • Animal Rights Organizations
  • Wildlife Preservation Societies
  • Environmental Organizations whose Mandate includes Animals

This list is by no means exhaustive.

Your organization may, but is not required to endorse the book. That is entirely up to you. However, we presume you will use whatever means you normally employ to communicate to your members, donors or subscribers (newsletter, website, meetings) that if they independently choose to purchase a copy of the book, a donation of $15.00 will be sent to you for each book purchased.

If you prefer a direct sale approach, you may purchase a supply of the books at the wholesale price and re-sell them directly to your members at whatever price you deem reasonable.

Getting Listed

Send an e-mail to claude@animalsbible.com with the following information and include either a link to your website or a detailed description of how you assist animals. You will be listed within ten business days.

  • The Name of Your Organization
  • The Name of Your Current
  • Chief Executive
  • Your Physical Address
  • Your Mailing Address
  • Your Various Telephone & E-Mail Contacts